IoT Firewall

With IoT Defender™ Active Enforcement

The Securolytics IoT Firewall stops cyber attacks attacks before they can start. Our solution employs a multi-layered security strategy that combines a firewall, encryption protocols and authentication.


Inline Deployment

Everyone knows their personal computer needs a firewall, but many Web-connected devices have little or no protection. Embedded control systems automate our businesses, manage our devices and maintain the power grid.

While encryption password and authentication afford some defense, both allow attacks to proceed. Authentication and encryption provide secure access and communication, but they are not enough. Systems may be deployed with default passwords, passwords are stolen, and encryption algorithms can be broken.

Most recent embedded systems include a network interface. Some provide password protection or encrypted protocols such as SSL or SSH but they aren’t enough. Older systems are even more vulnerable.

The Embedded Firewall

A Securolytics IoT firewall provides the missing layer of security for embedded devices, blocking attacks that authentication and encryption can’t.

IoT devices need a resource-friendly security solution specifically designed to provide defensive capabilities against a variety of Internet-based attacks. Securolytics embedded firewalls provide the ideal solution. Our firewall is integrated directly into the communication stack at the link layer of the supported protocol and configured with a set of rules specifying what communication is allowed. Don’t stop short….Protect your IoT, Protect your organization! Simply, a Securolytics firewall adds the extra protection that you need.


Firewall Replacement Deployment

Securolytics provides customers of all sizes with the latest data and network security protection in an integrated Next Generation Firewall platform (NGFW), reducing complexity and lowering the total cost of ownership.  Next-generation firewalls utilize deep packet inspection and application awareness to give organizations better control over applications while detecting and blocking malicious cyberattacks.

First, traditional firewalls don’t inspect the data payload of network packets. Secondly, while the majority of network traffic uses Web protocols–including non-business applications, legitimate business applications and attacks–traditional firewalls lack a way to separate one kind of Web traffic from another and thus enforce business policies, so it’s either all or nothing.

Enter next-generation firewalls (NGFWs)- they address the traffic inspection and application awareness drawbacks of inspection firewalls, without hindering performance. NGFWs also use deep packet inspection techniques to examine traffic malware and other attacks. Devices are optimized so that packets need to be examined just once, not processed through multiple engines.

Another major difference between the Securolytics NGFW and traditional firewalls is our NGFWs are application-aware; they use a variety of techniques to identify applications, including Web applications. Thus, instead of allowing all traffic coming in via typical Web ports, a NGFW can differentiate between specific applications and then apply policies based on best business practices.

Securolytics Next Firewall protects your organization at its most vulnerable. Don’t stop short…Protect your organization! Simply, a Securolytics Next Gen Firewall adds the extra protection you need.






  • 1U Rackmount
  • Tilera Multi-Core TILE-Gx9™ Processor
  • 2GB Memory
  • 1 10Gb SFP+
  • 1 1Gb SFP
  • 8 1Gb Ethernet
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • PoE
  • Smart Card Authentication
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • 17.5″ (w) x 1.75″ (h) x 7″ (d)