Gartner forecasts the number of Internet connected devices will grow to 21-billion by 2020. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reported incidents of ransomware continue to rise. And Experian is predicting that organizations are "miss[ing] the mark on protecting against insider threats."

Securolytics is a cloud-based threat detection and analytics platform purpose-built for IoT. We address gaps in perimeter-based defenses by identifying the symptoms of a data breach, ransomware infection and insider threats through behavioral analysis and anomaly detection. Our ExpressForwarder™ securely collects server logs without the need to deploy additional hardware or software. We correlate, enrich and analyze data to create a baseline of normal activity and employ advanced decision-making algorithms to spot suspicious behavior and decide whether it constitutes a threat.

Let us prove we can find more advanced threats on your network. In just 10 minutes we will show you:

  • Compromised IoT Devices
  • PCs Infected with Ransomware
  • Insider Threats

We have bundled all our technology into an easy-to-use, affordable package called Zero-To-Secure. If we deliver on our promise of finding more advanced threats, please consider purchasing Zero-To-Secure.

Securolytics Timeline

  • Company was founded
  • 2013
    Added Email Security Option
  • Added Data Security Option and Web Security
  • 2015
    Added Identity Managment Option
  • Added Mobile Security Option


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Investor Relations

Securolytics Investor Relations serves as a liaison between market intelligence and corporate management. We are committed to provide our investors with a full and accurate account of the company's affairs.


25, 423, 435, 272 transactions processed in 2017
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My goal as an IT production manager is to help businesses large and small be safe and protected in their everyday work. That is why Securolytics is the perfect place for me. Our Securolytics team of experts are dedicated to develop and implement the highest quality security systems for organizations. I love it here. It is exciting to be part of the future.... today.

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