Program Highlights

  • Referral
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Minimum Revenue
  • Free Trials
  • VAR
  • Deal Registration
  • Renewal Protection
  • Branded Portal
  • Branded Product Datasheets
  • NFR Account
  • Free Trials
  • MSP
  • Everything in VAR plus:
  • 2048-bit EV SSL Certificate
  • Multiple NFR Accounts
  • Branded Marketing Campaigns
  • Branded Infographics
  • Custom Graphics
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Private Datacenter
  • API Access
  • ISP
  • Everything in MSP plus:
  • Lead Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Private Cloud

Program Details

Branded Portal

Organizations today can purchase direct from the manufacturer eliminating the need to work with Resellers. This direct to consumer model minimizes the value of the implementation and ongoing consulting required to make any solution effective within the enterprise. Our Custom Branded Portal disrupts this trend by enabling Partners to sell their own branded solution. You can now focus on building your own brand instead of someone else.
Program Details

Branded Email Marketing Campaigns

We assist Partners with producing professional email marketing campaigns. This includes copywriting and graphic design. All you have to do is hit send!
Program Details

Custom Branded Portal Graphics

The Branded Portal login page is the entry point for your customers. The Information Panel (on the right) gives Partners an opportunity to highlight other products, services or promotions.
Program Details

Branded Infographics

We work with Partners to create custom infographics relevant to their customers. These infographics can be using in blog posts, on social media sites and in marketing campaigns to help Partners grow their brand. These infographics are great for generating positive media exposure.
Program Details

Google Analytics Integration

You already use Google Analytics on your corporate website. Now you can add the activity from your Branded Portal into your existing Google Analytics account. Simply enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID in the portal configuration.
Program Details

SSL Certificate

Silver Partners receive a standard 2048-bit SSL Certificate which protects all communication between your customer and your Branded Portal. Gold & Platinum Partners receive our 2048-bit Extended Validation SSL Certificate which offer the highest available level of trust and authentication for your Branded Portal. The green address bar prominently displays your company name and provides visual assurance to customers that your portal is secure.

Private Cloud Option

Platinum partners have the option of asking us to create a 100% private cloud infrastructure for their customers. This is ideal for customers that have highly specialized requirements such as Governments Agencies and Utilities Companies.

Branded Domain Custom Branded Portals can be installed on your domain. Having your name in the URL reminds customers and prospects they are purchasing a solution from you and not some other manufacturer. Partners can choose their Top Level Domain for the portal.

Private Datacenter Option

Gold & Platinum partners can have parts of Securolytics' cloud infrastructure hosted in their own datacenter. This gives you full control over the facilities, hardware and bandwidth used by your customers. Your private datacenter is still connected to Securolytics' public cloud so your customers can use both your private datacenter and our public datacenters.
• System Configuration & Management
• Nagios Integration
• Dedicated Logging Cluster w/API Access

NFR Accounts

Our 'Not for Resale' (NFR) Program actively supports your sales efforts by giving Partners the chance to use our products in your own laboratory and/or for customer demos. Our NFR licenses are fully functional products.

Branded Product Datasheets

You get these.
Program Details

Renewal Protection

We help Partners build their reoccurring revenue stream by ensuring your customers can renew their subscriptions directly through your portal

Free Product Trials

Our SaaS platform allows Partners to provision new customers in minutes. No appliances to ship. No lengthy evaluation contracts to negotiate. Silver Partners can extend 14-Day Free Trials to prospects. We recognize large enterprises sometimes need more time to evaluate products so our Gold & Platinum partners can extend 30-Day & 60-Day Free Trials respectively.

Deal Registration

Most manufacturers require the Reseller to register each new opportunity within an account. Our Partner Program allows you to register the entire account which automatically protects you in all current and future business generated from that account. The registration length varies for each tier.

Search Engine Optimization

Lead Generation