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You Can See, Secure & Control Your Managed Devices

But, Can You do the Same for Your
Unmanaged, Medical & IoT Devices?






IoT Devices

Agents for Identification, Management & Security

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Control Against Shadow IT

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You Can See, Secure & Control Your Managed Devices
Can You do the Same for Your
Unmanaged, Medical & IoT Devices?

Baseline Your IoT Footprint and Threat Exposure

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Rapidly Deploy

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  • No Network TAPS
  • No Impact on Network
  • No Sensitive Data Collection
  • No Agents
  • Just one Appliance per Enterprise, regardless of location count (typical)

IoT Discovery

Discover & Identify Devices, Track Where They Are
  • Auto Discover IoT Devices
  • Detailed Device Identification
  • Profiles Devices that Encrypt Data
  • Monitor IoT Performance & Resources

IoT Security

Know What Devices are Vulnerable and Rogue
  • Safe, Real-Time Active Inspection:

    o   Designed for IoT-Specific Threats

    o   No Device Interference

  • Continuous Passive Inspection:

    o   Find Devices with CVEs

    o   Monitor Device Behavior

IoT Control

Operationalize Results
Leveraging Existing Tools
  • Robust Integration Capabilities with NAC, SIEM, Help Desk, Asset Mgmt., and more
  • Block Unwanted or Restricted Devices
  • Micro-Segment IoT Devices
  • Remediate IoT Threats

The Securolytics Difference

Securolytics’ unique and completely different approach to IoT security delivers benefits that matter vs. other solutions: 

    • Faster Deployment with Less Risk
    • Better Device Discovery
    • Increased Security
    • Lower Costs & Maintenance
  • IoT Security Technology Comparison


    Competitive IoT security solutions require network TAP/SPAN ports to get the data that’s needed for their analysis.  So, this means that you are sending your private network traffic, including PHI and PCI data to a third party.  In addition, this can cause some concerns.


    Firstly, this can cause data privacy concerns.


    Secondly,  It can add complexity and extra costs to deployment and on-going maintenance.


    Thirdly, in the case of SPAN deployment, it can cause network performance issues because the switch is taxed with additional load to duplicate the packets. Securolytics is different because we don’t use network TAP/SPAN ports. So, only Securolytics can add these benefits to your IoT security project.


      • There is no impact on network performance.
      • Data privacy concerns are alleviated, because Securolytics DOES NOT Collect Network Traffic, PCI or PHI Data.
      • A Securolytics’ deployment typically requires only one (1) appliance per organization regardless of the number of locations. So,  you get a fast, centralized deployment.
      • And since there is only 1 appliance and no network TAP/SPAN ports, it means you can reduce on-going time and maintenance.


    Securolytics and most competitive IoT security solutions do Passive Behavior Monitoring and CVE mapping to devices. But, only Securolytics provides PortSafeTM Inspection.  PortSafeTM is a unique way to detect IoT-specific vulnerabilites that supplements traditional vulnerability scanners. So, it helps to provide coverage for the OWASP IoT Top 10 in a way that no other IoT Security solution provides.
      • Securolytics PortSafeTM DOES NOT interfere with resource-constrained IoT.  This means that  sensitive IoT and medical devices that are typically excluded from vulnerabilty or NAC scans, can now be tested.
      • Also, it is designed for IoT-Specific vulnerabilities like default credentials, VXWorks, etc.  As such, Securolytics PortSafeTM can detect vulnerabilities that  scanners often miss.
      • Additionally, it inspects devices in real-time, as they connect, so you shorten the time that potentially vulnerable are on the network.

    Most IoT security solutions can integrate device detail and passive threat information into other solutions to help mitigate threats.  For instance, tools  like NAC, SIEM, Asset Mgmt., IT Service Mgmt. and Vulnerability Mgmt.

      • But Securolytics can also uniquely generate policy from PortSafeTM Inspection results to remediate problem or vulnerable devices. In addition, this can be done without device downtime.


    Do you want to get an IoT security solution that’s both budget and resource friendly? Then, look no further than Securolytics.


      • Securolytics has flexible monthly and yearly licensing that commonly costs 40% LESS  than competitors.
      • Also, a centralized deployment means cost savings on deployment and maintenance.


    IoT Security Pricing



    / user / mo.


    500 users =  $750/mo.



    / user / mo.


     1000 users =  $1,020/mo.



    / user / mo.


    5000 users =  $3,600/mo.



    Case Studies

    Hospital Protects Connected Medical Devices

    Large US Healthcare System

    Securolytics helps to address gaps with a NAC solution to discover, accurately identify & protect medical & IoT devices

    Mining Company Secures Industrial IoT

    Large Enterprise Company

    Securolytics helps discover & secure Industrial IoT