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Why IoT Security?

Traditional Tools Fail to Secure IoT Devices

Visibility >

Can You Secure & Segment What You Don't Know About?
Problem: Traditional tools can identify a device's IP, MAC and hostname, but they lack capabilities to provide device detail like true manufacturer, type, category or model, especially on unmanaged and IoT devices that can't run agents. This can add manual work to segmentation and remediation prioritization.

Solution: Securolytics gives you complete, real-time visibility: Automatically discover, identify, classify and locate all connected devices in detail.

Monitoring >

Do You Know Where Each Device Should & Shouldn't be Going?
Problem: IoT devices commonly don't support agents for monitoring, which mean either unmonitored connected devices or extra work to build and maintain security rules.

Solution: Securolytics automatically profiles device-level communications, and identifies and alerts on any malicious or device-specific abnormal communications to save you time and to reduce IoT security risks.

Detection >

Can You Scan IoT Devices that Can't Run Agents, Without Crashing Them, and in Real Time?
Problem: Traditional network vulnerability scanners were designed to use agents which are commonly not supported by IoT. Also, they are too intrusive to run on resource-constrained IoT devices, and they are not real time. The result is untested, or vulnerable devices on the network.

Solution: Securolytics PortSafe InspectionTM alleviates blind spots as soon as devices connect and without agents or device interference. Quickly discover IoT vulnerabilities, including active threats, CVEs, manufacturer recalls, default credentials and other IoT security risks.

Control >

Can You Mitigate Threats on Devices That Can't be Patched at Scale?
Problem: IoT devices commonly open up vulnerable services by default or have vulnerabilities straight from the manufacturer with limited or no patching.

Solution: Securolytics identifies vulnerable IoT devices and mitigates threats by generating automated security policies, implemented either with existing infrastructure or natively within Securolytics.

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Two Ways to Secure IoT Devices

Which One is Right for You?
Free IoT security


Free Edition


Enterprise Edition

Unit size

2 inch x 2 inch Micro-Server

1U Appliance Server

Form Factor


120V or PoE

Rack Mounted

Redundant Power Supplies 120/240V

1GB + 10GB Fiber Connections


Proof of Concept & SMB


Number or Devices

Up to 10,000

1,000,000 +

Deployment Time

5 minutes

1 hour

24-Hour Customer Deliverable

Threat Check Report PDF

Real-Time Dashboard with Full Capabilities

Core Capabilites:
    • IoT discovery
    • IoT identification + categorization
    • PortSafeTM IoT vulnerability detection
    • Automated monthly reports
Advanced Capabilites:
    • IoT behavior monitoring
    • Integration (NAC, SIEM, Asset & Vulnerability Mgmt., etc.)
    • Device blocking & threat mitigation
    • Real-time dashboard & reporting

Optional Paid Subscription

Why Securolytics?

Less Work

  • No Network TAP/SPAN Ports
  • No Agents
  • No Tuning | 100% Automated
  • One Centralized Appliance Covers Multiple Locations
  • Integrate With & Use Your Existing Tools & Processes
  • No Network Degradation
  • No Device Interference
  • No Network Packet Collection
  • No Sensitive Data Collection

Less Worry

Less Worry

  • No Network Degradation
  • No Device Interference
  • No Network Packet Collection
  • No Sensitive Data Collection

Less Risk

  • See & Identify Every Device
  • Safely Detect IoT Vulnerabilities in Real Time
  • Know Where Every Device is Going
  • Know When Devices Behave Abnormally
  • Automate Policies to Mitigate Threats 
  • Typical Savings of 40% or More
    vs. Competitive Solutions
  • Deploys in Minutes or Hours,
    Not Days or Months

Less Cost 

Less Cost 

  • Typical Savings of 40% or More vs. Competitive Solutions
  • Deploys in Minutes or Hours, Not Days or Months

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