Whether you are a large accounting firm or a CPA on your own, you know client trust and privacy is job one. You also know that the job is getting harder everyday. That is why businesses in the Accounting Service Industry are switching to Securolytics Behavioral Cloud Security Services. Imagine- a behavioral cloud that detects and prevents data theft... an advanced cloud utilizing military-grade encryption to automatically protect PII ... a global cloud that protects your client`s data on mobile devices wherever they go. Securolytics is that cloud.
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Securolytics Behavioral Security In 2-Minutes

At Securolytics we know that to thwart fraud in the financial sector you have to understand a cyber criminal`s tactics. That is why we have created a multi layered, integrated and fed compliant system that is designed specifically for financial service businesses. The Securolytics Behavioral Security Cloud is the new solution for detecting and preventing data breaches. The Securolytics cloud was purpose-built to identify and stop targeted cyberattacks. Securolytics can protect your PII, helping you maintain compliance.

Securolytics Succeeds Where Others Fail

At Securolytics we know that to thwart fraud in the financial sector you have to understand a cyber criminal`s tactics. That is why we have created a multi layered, integrated and fed compliant system that is designed specifically for financial service businesses.

Our Products Tell The Story

  • Enterprise Archiving
    Enterprise Archiving enables your company to efficiently store, manage, and easily retrieve data on demand. Securolytics Enterprise Archiving enforces organization-wide retention and information governance policies. Our solution delivers 5x faster searching and export than traditional products all with mobile ready controls.
  • Data Loss Prevention
    Securolytics Data Loss Prevention automatically finds your PII across all platforms from traditional servers to cloud applications and mobile devices showing you where your sensitive data lives. There is no product on the market that protects your company from accidental data leakage and data theft like Securolytics Security.
  • Anti-Spam
    Block email-borne attacks, spam and zero-day malware with Securolytics Anti-Spam. Our platform adds industry leading email security to any mail server including Office 365 and Google Apps with unparalleled power and efficiency. Simply- Securolytics Anti-Spam uses cutting-edge behavioral analysis to detect malware that others cannot.
  • Encryption
    With Securolytics, discover how you can skip the extra steps of portals and passwords and benefit from a easy to use, transparent email encryption solution built on open standards. Your client’s privacy is protected using military grade AES-256 encryption helping you maintain the highest standards for Federal compliance.
  • Single Sign-On
    Securolytics provides one-click access to all your web apps in the cloud and behind the firewall – via smartphones, desktops, and tablets. Securolytics Single Sign-On is SAML 2.0 compliant and our policy-driven security combined with our unique geo-fencing ensures that only authorized users get access to your sensitive data.
  • Next-Gen Firewall
    Securolytics’ Next-Gen Firewall is the fastest and most complete 1U platform in the industry. Plus it integrates seamlessly with Securolytics’ behavioral cloud platform giving you the most effective hybrid security solution. You get all the performance, all the protection – all on your terms.
  • Guest Wifi Protection
    If your business offers guest Wifi access you are providing visitors with a valuable productivity tool. Securolytics provides fast, carrier-grade, totally automated, highly cost-effective and easy guest wifi protection with bandwidth control for public Wifi hotspots.
  • Web Filtering
    Securolytics Web Filtering uses cutting-edge behavioral analysis to detect phishing and malware that others cannot. Securolytics Web Filtering also blocks inappropriate sites and throttles streaming content reducing your legal liability risk and providing users with a safe and secure browsing experience.

Accounting Firms Are Switching to Securolytics

  • Behavioral Protection
    The Securolytics Behavioral Cloud Platform is built on cutting edge sandboxing technology from Cyphort™, enabling real-time protection from malicious files and activity well before signatures are released. Simply, traditional signature-based solutions cannot prevent the new generation of advanced malware like CryptoLocker. The Securolytics Behavioral Cloud can. Our system effectively detects advanced threats across all vectors including email, firewall and web. You can count on Securolytics to deliver the most effective solutions at a competitive price.
  • Operational Excellence
    For Securolytics, Operational Excellence translates to 100% availability. Our security experts actively monitor the Securolytics Behavioral Cloud Platform 24x7 so you can focus on delivering great customer service. Securolytics partnered with Amazon and IBM to build a highly scalable infrastructure that complies with the most stringent industry certifications and federal guidelines. Simply, Securolytics’ commitment to excellence ensures that your clients are always protected and your business is always compliant.
  • Comprehensive Solution
    We are one company, one cloud, one trusted partner protecting your data. Securolytics provides a fully integrated, end-to-end security solution designed for accountants. We eliminate the need for multiple security appliances and vendors. From secure email and web gateways to our next-gen firewall, the Securolytics Behavioral Security Cloud is mobile ready, easy to use and supported by a team of dedicated security engineers committed to helping you succeed. Let Securolytics help simplify your security.

Accounting Data Privacy Laws & Regulations

In response to the growing volume of sensitive information traversing public networks, governments and regulatory agencies are enacting stronger data privacy laws. Regulations mandate that communication containing confidential data must be transmitted securely. Here are a few of the regulations that apply to Financial services.


U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)


Sarbanes-Oxley Act

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