Social Media Archiving

Empower your organization to connect with customers using social media.

An enterprise-class social media compliance solution for organizations. Social conversations posted from anywhere are captured, regardless of a user’s device, location or network.

Purpose-built for supervision and e-discovery, the Social Media Archiving Platform offers an intuitive and robust workflow. Automated policy management tools improve governance and risk mitigation efforts, as well as dramatically reduce the time spent reviewing messages. Case management tools allow compliance and legal teams to prepare and share content needed for audits or litigation.


Safe, Secure Social Media Archiving

  • Archiving does not disrupt or impact how individuals interact with each social network.
  • Direct data ingestion through API connections with each social network.
  • Social conversations are captured regardless of a user’s device location or network.

Fast, Powerful Search

  • Search universally across different social networks from a single interface.
  • Scalable to billions of records.

Designed for e-Discovery

  • Easily review posts.
  • Escalate and tag content.
  • Automate your policy management.
  • Maintain a full audit trail of all actions taken in the Archiving Platform.

The Archiving Platform

The 100% cloud-based solution enables a unified compliance and e-discovery workflow across your content types, including social media and email. Search and review all of your content in one place, creating efficiency and providing peace of mind.

Securely capture social media data, making it available for e-discovery.