Data Loss Prevention

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Business Case for Data Loss Prevention

Today, email is the most prevalent communication medium for enterprises. With email, businesses are able to share information effortlessly ranging from customer data to intellectual property, both within and outside of the businesses network. By using Securolytics DLP, your business will be able to monitor and protect your private information that is at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Solution Overview

Before any information leaves your businesses network, Securolytics DLP scans it. If anything is triggered, the email is redirected to the Securolytics DLP quarantine system and the sender will receive a notification. In the notification message the sender will see where they can review the message they tried to send. Administrators can allow employees to review the message, release the email, or delete the email and compose a new one. Securolytics DLP adds value to your business because it allows everyone to see what information was flagged for being sensitive and which policy it violated.

By utilizing this system, employees will know the corporate policies and they will be aware of what is considered sensitive information.


Easy Administration

Many business owners think that DLP will be expensive and take a long time to set up. However, with Securolytics DLP you will have secure email without the expensive price or long time to implement. Additionally, you will be able to utilize the system quicker and your team will not be impacted drastically.

Benefits for Administrators

Experts in this industry created Securolytics DLP and the systems quality speaks for itself. With Securolytics DLP, administrators are able to define policies and create customized settings for quarantining email, give specific employees permission to review and authorize quarantined emails, manage quarantined messages with flexible searching and filtering settings, and release or delete individual or multiple quarantined messages with a single click. The system also allows administrators to review reports on the quarantine activities and trends and automate custom notifications for quarantined messages.

Deployment Options

Securolytics DLP is your solution to ensure that all of your outbound email security needs are met and it can be bundled with the policy based email encryption service. If you are a current Securolytics customer, Securolytics DLP can be added on to your current package easily. Additionally, you can implement it as a standalone solution and integrate it with another email encryption solution.