Office 365 Authentication

Business Case for Single Sign-On

Securolytics Single Sign-On provides authentication services for users and securely provides appropriate data to requesting services. Securolytics Single Sign-On can provide a rich set of user-related data to applications instead of just a simple yes/no response to an authentication request. This data can help an application provide a more personalized user experience, save the user from having to manually enter data the service requires, and refresh the data each time the user logs onto the application.


  • Support for LDAP, Kerberos, web server and Servlet Container based authentication systems.
  • Support for reading user data from LDAP directories and relational databases (no special schemas required) and performing simple or complex transformations on the acquired data.
  • Support for releasing only selected data and making sure it gets there securely.
  • Excellent scaling – a single instance can handle millions of authentication requests per day.


Data Loss Prevention


A user wants to access a SAML compliant application in your organization. Securolytics Single Sign-On does the following:

  • Accepts SAML authentication request sent from application Service Provider.
  • Authenticates the user against your organization’s existing authentication service.
  • Securolytics Single Sign-On collects user data from your organization’s existing data stores.
  • Securely transmits the collected information to the application Service Provider.