Fraud Defense

Securolytics Email Anti-Spam Security Suite delivers industry leading services that protect your business with complete end-to-end solutions. Our comprehensive email Anti-Spam security services defend against internal and external threats, assure continuous mail stream flow, protect against data loss and help fulfill regulatory compliance, while assuring the fast, accurate delivery of business-critical email.


Both Inbound and Outbound Protection – Protecting outbound email is critical to preventing dangerous botnet attacks that can turn infected computers into zombie networks. Securolytics Email Filtering offers protection from spam, viruses and criminal malware on both inbound and outbound mail streams.

No-Touch Email Security – We host the applications and infrastructure required to protect your organization in a fully managed solution requiring zero administration.

Comprehensive Notification System – This feature eases the administrative overhead on your IT staff by enabling more options for conjuring how, when and where you will receive notices.

It is an all-inclusive system that monitors inbound/outbound mail streams and allows you to easily conjure notifications to be triggered by events or thresholds per your requirements, without the need for an external monitoring solution.