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Business Case for Web Filtering

Your small business customers know they are losing productivity when employees shop and social network on company time. Securolytics Web Filtering allows them to increase productivity with advanced, real-time content filtering and the ability to block access to the websites that drain time and money from their business. URL filtering is a basic and essential feature. Securolytics always inspects the complete URL. Affordable, less than 50% Total Cost of Ownership: Predictable yearly cost, nothing to deploy or manage, just set your policy and get the reports and enforce the policy you need.

  • 128-bit IP Sec Tunnel.
  • Private Cloud, fully redundant data centers.
  • Secure user password enforcement.
  • Compatible with existing firewalls.
  • Compatible across all browsers.

Business Case for Web Filtering


Securolytics cloud based solution is an easy-to-implement Web filtering service that benefits organizations of all sizes and quickly safeguards your network. Cloud-based solutions are the best choice to protect any user on any device, anywhere. Securolytics provides Cloud-Based web filtering through multiple datacenters and offers seamless protection across the globe.


Securolytics Web Filtering helps your customers drive productivity by limiting access to social networking, searching, streaming media, and shopping. And, because less bandwidth is absorbed by personal use, that means more speed for business tasks.


Securolytics Web Filtering prevents users from bringing security risks into the business by automatically stopping access to sites known to deliver spyware, malware and other threats. It also lets you automatically block sites by category with over a million sites sorted into 167 URL categories and 51 Cloud Applications (Such as YouTube, Pandora, GotoMeeting, Facebook, Gmail and more). Our easy to use portal has options to control the risk.


Securolytics not only frees IT from having to manage multiple security devices, but also provides easy access to in-depth reporting to conduct incident analysis in real time. Build custom policies tailored to your business needs.

Solution Overview

The term web filtering is broadly used to describe the process and tools that companies can use to restrict or monitor their users’ Internet use. The Internet provides an extremely effective way for organizations to increase productivity, lower costs and increase sales. It provides a quick and efficient way to undertake research, improve learning, interact with customers and transact business. However, it is also a source of content that is very likely to be inappropriate for employees to access, such as pornography, violence and racism to name just a few. In addition to inappropriate content, there are a range of other types of content, such as shopping, social networking and news that can have a huge productivity and consequently a financial impact on a company. In addition, there a number of legal risks such as Employment and Sex Discrimination legislation, which companies may encounter if they do not proactively manage Internet access. In some circumstances this can lead to financial and reputation losses. Our web protection blocks web threats at the source. So you can help stop malware, fake anti-virus, and phishing attacks before they become a problem. You can also create and enforce acceptable web usage policies. Stay secure simply, with web protection from Securolytics.

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