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The IoT-Mini is a FREE IoT security tool to baseline IoT device inventory and threat exposure. Just plug it in and get your report!

The IoT-mini is 100& automated and works without network TAPs or agents, and without interfere to devices or network performance.

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"If you need better insight into managing IoT devices you really need to check out Securolytics."

Kevin Beaver, CISSP
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IoT Security FAQ

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a general category of connected devices that do not necessarily meet the classic description of a computer and are commonly designed for a single purpose. Examples of IoT devices include medical devices, HVAC controllers, door access controllers, IP Cameras, Smart TVs, smart watches, and speakers.

Virtually every network, whether a large corporate intranet or a simple home Wi-Fi network, has IoT devices on it. Most are unknown or unmanaged devices and hard to secure, making it challenging to know what IoT is on the network, where they are, where they are communicating, and whether they are vulnerable. Traditional security tools can’t keep up, making dedicated IoT security solutions a critical piece of any enterprise security strategy.

Most IoT devices are unknown or unmanaged devices that are hard to security for a variety of reasons, including:

    1. risky default behavior like creating open services, have hard-coded passwords or data collection and transmission on their own to other devices
    2. lack built-in security and security patching from the manufacturer
    3. can’t run endpoint agents or don’t produce logs, so they are hard to monitor
    4. can’t be scanned for vulnerabilities because they are resource constrained and easily crash
    5. create Shadow IT problems as they are easily deployed without IT oversight
The Securolytics IoT-miniTM is a free IoT security tool that makes it fast and easy to address common IoT security challenges. The IoT-mini is about 4 square inches (see photo) and runs off USB power connected to any ethernet jack on the network.
We have a limited supply of IoT-minisTM available. When you request an IoT-miniTM, we will notify you within 48 hours if we have one available. Once approved, you can expect a simple package with all you need to begin base lining your IoT inventory and security posture. The package includes the IoT-mini, a USB-USB-mini, CAT6 Ethernet cable, and a power brick for the USB cable if there is no USB port to power the device.
Using the IoT-miniTM is as simple as 1-2-3:
  1. plug in the CAT6 Ethernet cable to a working ethernet port on the network to be scanned
  2. plug in the power supply
  3. wait 24 hours for the report to be delivered to your inbox
The report includes a complete view of IoT devices connected to your network, along with recommendations. To continue receiving monthly update reports, simply leave the IoT-mini connected to the network.
We have a limited supply of IoT-minisTM and they are currently available at no charge. The initial report and the monthly update reports are also currently available free of charge.  Restrictions include: 1) You must be an IT employee of a company that: a) has greater than 100 employees, or b) is a value-added reseller, or c) is a managed service provider or d) is a professional security auditor. 2) You will not use the IoT-miniTM or the information it provides for malicious purposes, or to compete in any way with Securolytics, Inc. 3) The IoT-miniTM and any information produced by the IoT-mini must not be used for resell purposes without express, written permission by Securolytics, Inc. Restrictions are subject to change without notice.
The IoT-miniTM will automatically assess any network environment where it’s connected. Currently, there is no limit to the number of network environments that can be assessed.
The IoT-miniTM is completely automated. When you get your IoT-mini and connect it to the network, it will:
  1. Discover, track and identify IoT devices
  2. Safely detect IoT-specific vulnerabilities that vulnerability scanners often miss
  3. Summarize IoT inventory and vulnerabilities in the report
The IoT-miniTM is also aware of any new devices that connect to the network.  When new devices connect, the IoT-miniTM will also begin to profile them to be identified and checked for IoT vulnerabilities. Also, there are no agents to install, no network TAPs, and there is no tuning.
Unlike many other tools that claim to protect and inventory devices, the IoT-miniTM uses a proprietary non-intrusive technique called PortSafeTM Inspection. PortSafeTM will not interfere with devices or network performance as it discovers, identifies, and does vulnerability detection on devices.
The IoT-miniTM profiles devices into manufacturers, categories and device type.  Then, it creates a risk profile for each device, including vulnerabilities, flaws, risks, and other crucial information.

Once the IoT-mini connects to a network, it begins inspecting and identifying  devices. Within 24-48 hours (depending on the size of the network), the report will be emailed to you automatically each month.

The IoT-miniTM connects to the Securolytics Cloud for activation and updates on the following:

Domain/Host: iotsacontroller.securolytics.io
IP Address:,
Protocol/Port: TCP (HTTPS)/443

Domain/Host: iotsaupdates.securolytics.io, apps.teknas.com
IP Address:
Protocol/Port: TCP (HTTPS)/443

.236.119.220 Protocol/Port: TCP
While the IoT-miniTM is a free IoT security tool that is designed for SMBs and fast, easy proof of concepts, the Securolytics IoT-maxTM is a full enterprise-level solution based on the same proprietary software and techniques that the Securolytics IoT-miniTM uses. The primary difference is that the IoT-maxTM can accept logs to enable automated and device-level behavior monitoring, while provide coverage on virtually unlimited devices. The IoT-maxTM can also be set up to integrate results with your NAC, SIEM, or other security monitoring tools. Additionally, the IoT-maxTM relays all of the same information found in the IoT-miniTM’s report into a real-time dashboard that can be accessed and managed anytime from anywhere.

For have additional questions, email sales@securolytics.io 

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